“Fifteen were looking for a staff incentive that would boost team morale and improve the office working environment. We came to Home Grown Fitness for a team massage package and the service we received was fantastic. Ben came to our offices to give the team a back and shoulders massage during one of our afternoon periods.

Having a massage in the office was an unusual experience – but Ben made us all feel completely comfortable and it was surprisingly easy to relax. Ben had brought a good range of equipment and, once the table was set up, our boardroom was as effective as any parlour!

With a team of just under 15 people having the experience we all got around a 10-minute session each, but the relaxation achieved in that time was amazing. Ben was good at explaining the difference between effleurage and deep tissue massage and using both techniques.

We were also really impressed with the simple neck stretches he demonstrated at the end of each massage to help with our desk posture – something everyone in the office knows all too well.

I’d recommend it for every business, either as an employment perk or a treat to staff. The session went down extremely well with the whole team – and it’s been suggested by several that we make it a regular thing!”

India Gumbley – Digital Strategist, Fifteen.


Sports Massage Therapy


I have just recently completed the London Marathon and i have used Ben several times throughout my training. Very professional, friendly and flexible. Ben worked around my circumstances to fit me in. I had a couple of issues whilst training and after a sports massage/stretch session i was pain free. He definitely helped my training go like clockwork and contributed to a marathon injury free run. I then had a post marathon session and my legs feel top drawer! Will certainly be using his services again. Thanks very much for everything.


Sport Massage Therapy

Richard Broadbent, Age 45

Two issues and both sorted in one session 👍. I’m using again this week for separate issues.


Sports Massage Therapy

James Lievesley, Age 38

I worked with Ben for 4 months leading up to my wedding as I wanted to look my best in my dress. With his support I was able to tone up and lose 10kg, and I am now the slimmest i have been in my adult life. He was supportive and flexible in his approach, helping motivate me to keep going (despite working long hours), eating healthily yet still be able to have fun and go out to eat and drink with my friends, which has previously been a barrier to weight loss. He made the sessions varied and fun so even at 7am pre-work sessions flew by. He has taught me to use a whole array of gym equipment that i would have avoided in the past, in order to continue my fitness by myself. Four weeks on i have maintained the changes and hope to for a long time. Thanks Ben!


Personal Training

Kate Woolley, Age 30

After suffering for more than 10days with lower back pains I can now say I’m pain free. Back to my normal routine after just 1 session thanks again will defiantly be in touch.


Sports Massage Therapy

Cristian Laurenti, Age 29

When I have been injured and unable to work Home Grown Fitness’ programs and therapy have got me back to work asap. Evening sessions, personalised programmes and motivation everything I needed! Thanks Ben


Sport Massage Therapy

Harry Price, Age 27

Ben has been working with my mother for 1.5 years on a weekly basis. She has osteoporosis and has been very limited in her mobility. There is no doubt that Ben’s massage keeps mum flexible and aids in her mobility. Recently Ben has started physical exercise with her. She has a great relationship with him and her confidence has risen as a result of his work with her. In addition, i have noted a significant improvement in her cognitive function after her exercises with him. She always enjoys her sessions with him. Ben has a great rapport with people and i am so glad that he is helping her so much.


Sports massage therapy and Personal training

Rozalia Muszynska, Age 90

I have used Home Grown Fitness for some time now. As a runner I have had my fair share of problems, strain, pulled muscles and Home Grown Fitness has sorted these problems out I now use Ben once a fortnight for preventative treatment and I have to say had no problems to date.

Thank you Ben.


Sports Massage Therapy

Gary Bannister, Age 40

I’ve used Ben a few times now and he’s worked wonders on my legs enabling me to run more and further. He’s very professional and I’d recommend him to anyone.


Sports Massage Therapy

Ben Newing, Age 33

Fantastic treatment from Ben. Punctual service, accurate assessment and an injury free P.B. run for me 2 days later.
Coincidence? I doubt it!


Sports Massage Therapy

Jacqueline Ulyatt, Age 45

Ben has magic hands pure & simple…I won’t lie the massage hurt and I may have used the odd profanity but I felt like a new man the next day. I did my first run since my massage this evening and knocked nearly 2 minutes off my time from last year.


Sports Massage Therapy

Jon Short, Age 40

Full body sport massage after a hard week of training, really helped me recover! Cheers guys


Sports Massage Therapy

Leigh Wood, Age 27, professional boxer

Having spent a few months with Ben, the change I have noticed is amazing. My overall fitness has improved greatly and will continue to do so. The sessions can be hard but Ben makes them throughly doable if not always totally enjoyable!!!! (Will never like hill runs!) I think the achievement I feel at the end is always worth it and the fact Ben is very encouraging and knows when to push to get the best result! Thank you.


Personal Training

Sarah Lish, Age 25

I’ve always thought about having a PT and since my first meeting with Ben I haven’t looked back. I can’t thank Ben enough for motivating me back into a fitness routine. Ben makes each session fun even on the hilly country park runs on hot days!!!! Ben is very professional and I would 100% recommend Home Grown Fitness to anyone who is considering a PT.


Personal Training

Sarah Mckenna, Age 44
Professional and engaging and will structure a programme to achieve your individual goals. If you bring some energy, enthusiasm and commitment you will, with this man, be fitter, stronger and approach your sessions with a greater sense of purpose and belief.
Personal Training
Dimi Mykola Chambers, Age 28

Before I started my weight loss programme with Home Grown Fitness, I used to go to the gym and think I was working hard. How wrong was I!

A training session at the gym before for me was chatting to my friend on the bike and not even building up a sweat. My diet consisted of what I thought was low fat foods, and I was puzzled as to why I wasn’t losing any weight.

A friend at the gym recommended Home Grown Fitness to me and I have never looked back.

Ben has help me identify where I was going wrong, together we have created a diet and exercise plan that works well with my busy lifestyle and also family friendly meals.

And as for the workouts….

Ben has showed me how to really workout, and where I was going wrong before. Having a child and working full time I use to find it hard to get to the gym, but with having sessions at home, it works so well for me and you don’t have the excuse of no childcare.

With the diet and exercise plan Ben has set for me I have lost 1 stone and 2 dress sizes so far.

I have always struggled with my weight, but Home Grown Fitness has given me the support and plan I have always needed. I am not hungry and I am able to see the results which always helps you push yourself to achieving your goals, and with Home Grown Fitness’s help I now know I will.

The training sessions are fun, hard work and even on those days when you really cannot be bothered Ben is able to keep you motivated with his upbeat attitude.

Huge thanks to Home Grown Fitness.


Personal Training

Tina Thompson, Age 33

I was a little hesitant at first enlisting the help of Home Grown Fitness as I had worked with a trainer before and didn’t enjoy it, I got very bored very quickly, but with a wedding looming my partner and i needed help getting into shape. Ben however was fantastic he pushes you hard but the workouts are fun at the same time.

Ben mixes up the sessions with a variety of workouts and equipment he even brings his music!

Ben is very professional, organised and motivating, we gained knowledge in exercise techniques and nutrition, we noticed real body changes in only a few weeks.

We would highly recommend training with Ben whatever your fitness goals.


Personal Training

Karen and Gary Glover, Age 45 and 47

I’ve found Ben to be very inspirational and motivational. I’ve never managed to keep up any form of exercise for long previously but Ben has helped me overcome my constant procrastination and helped me lose weight and gain confidence.


Personal Training

Anna Spence, Age 33

January 2014, and I was the heaviest I have ever been. With my best friend’s wedding in 7 months and a bridesmaid dress that I couldn’t fit into I knew I had to do something. As a complete and utter health and fitness novice, I sought to find professional help and I found it with Home Grown Fitness.

Home Grown fitness offered me just what I needed. I needed a long term and diverse fitness plan, that would help me reach my weight loss goal and fit in with my busy schedule.  After an introductory session with Ben Martell in which we discussed what I wanted to achieve and my level of fitness, I was given a fitness regime, tailored specifically for my goals and ability. Ben carefully explained and demonstrated each exercise and ensured that my technique was correct which made me feel confident in my ability to perform the exercises in the most effective and safe way. As well as this, Ben personalised a nutritional plan that coincided with my exercise regime that would ensure my weight loss.

Four months have passed and Home Grown Fitness have helped me achieve my goals and more.  Training at home 3 times a week, combining strength training, plyometrics and cardio and eating according to my personalised plan, I have lost over a stone in weight and have lost the inches I need from the waist, hips and thighs. Through regular home visits, Ben has helped to improve the effectiveness and progression of my training.

More than just the weight loss, through Home Grown Fitness I have now become a fitness addict. The exercise regime and the healthy eating have become a part of my lifestyle. I feel great because of it and it’s even more rewarding when everyone around you notices and comments on the results.

I started out this workout plan with the intention of achieving a goal within seven months but now I want to keep going, and I know that with any future training I do, I will have the support and expert guidance of Home Grown fitness to help me further my physical and mental potential.


Personal Training

Lleah O’Sullivan, Age 25