As the title of this blog indicates, a Nottingham based personal trainer will indeed be cycling through Ireland. Said personal trainer would of course be me!. Myself accompanied by 9 other cyclists will be taking on the 400 mile bike ride through Ireland in September.

Now i can guess what a lot of you may be thinking. Ireland in September, you must be crazy, well perhaps. Yes the weather is going to be challenging to say the least. However it just so happens that September is childhood cancer awareness month and the charity that we will be raising money for is the The Childhood Cancer Foundation in Ireland. So you can see how this month is quite appropriate for the ride. As well as raising money for the charity, we are also taking on this challenge in loving memory of Margaret Walsh who sadly passed away on the 1st March 2016. 

Training for the event is well underway and i have purchased myself a lovely new shiny bike. We start our journey at Malin Head and finish at Mixent head. The first day of our trip being an arduous mountainous climb consisting of just 21 miles. The fact that this day is so short worries me slightly as i am informed that this day could be the hardest of them all.

I have started getting out as much as possible in preparation for the trip. 80 miles is my weekly average at the moment which obviously needs to be increased. With spring upon us and summer just around the corner i am very much looking forward to the training and visiting some lovely places along the way.

I will keep you updated as we draw closer to the trip with how training is progressing. As i say we are doing this for an extremely good cause. I will provide a link to the donation page below and any donations at all would be hugely appreciated on behalf of all the team.

Thank you in advance and speak to you soon.



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