A big misconception to most people when looking to hit a health and fitness target is that you should spend as much time exercising as possible. When in actual fact 80% of your goal will be achieved through nutrition and diet alone. Leaving just 20% solely responsible to exercise, so what does this mean? Well, slaving away exercising hour after hour and night after night is relatively ineffective. You could train this way forever and make no progress towards your goal at all. I have seen this done countless times in gyms that I have worked at previously.

With my help we will educate and change your thoughts and ideas of good and bad nutrition. As well as your individual goal, I also have my own goal when working with clients. To make sure I am not just changing your overall appearance but to completely change your lifestyle and ensure you understand how we got there. In turn this will give you the foundations to continue this journey alone, long after our journey together has finished.

I typically ask for a weeks worth of food diaries from clients. These essentially act as our foundation blocks to the whole process, giving us something to build from. An analysis of the food diaries will be completed picking up on pros and cons countered with plans and advice from myself. My plans will be tailored specifically to you with your goals in mind. Plans are simple and easy to follow providing you are determined and committed in making the change. We will liaise weekly about progress, likes and dislikes and things that are working well within the plans we have made. Regularly making changes to plans will keep us on track while keeping things fresh and exciting for you.

Please believe me when I say fad diets are just that, a fad. When you read articles on how you can lose 30lbs in 30 days understand that this is simple untrue. You may well lose an impressive amount of weight in an extremely short space of time. However these types of diets are not sustainable while being bad for your overall health and wellbeing. Quite often they lead to a greater amount of weight gain once you come off the diet and return to your previous poor habits. Home Grown Fitness is confident that our approach is effective, sustainable and long lasting and this is true no matter what your goal. I will make this work, for you!

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