As a mobile personal trainer in Nottingham you can imagine how limited i am in what equipment i take to my clients homes. Bundling kit into the back of my Vauxhall Astra, piecing it all together like a fine jigsaw. It is not easy work and this is often a workout in itself. Saying that i still have a lot of equipment at my disposal. From kettlebells to suspension straps, even a Concept 2 rowing machine, which is the reason for this blog. A full run down of the equipment i provide can be found on the about pageĀ . I also constantly search the market for new equipment. I want to keep my clients sessions fun and fresh so that they are always full engaged.

The piece of kit that steals the show every time is the concept 2 rower. Concept are by far the leading brand when it comes to rowing machines. Nowa days you do not tend to see any other rowing machine in a gym other than a Concept 2. For me there is no better piece of cardio vascular equipment in a gym than a rower. As it works all the major muscle groups within the body at a certain phase within the row. While also supplying one hell of a workout. Plus it is extremely versatile in regards to the type of training methods that can be performed on it. Luckily for me it easily breaks down into two pieces, perfect for transportation and to beast clients with.


Here is an example of a Fartlek workout that i sometimes use with clients. Fartlek being Swedish meaning ‘speed play’. Ensure you warm up throughly before attempting this workout also cool down and stretch after. If we categories the areas of this drill as Hard, Moderate and easy it will give you some guidance. Keep in mind this drill is all about playing with the speed and not so much the power output.

Fartlek workout;

Hard 30 seconds

Easy 90 seconds

Moderate 60 seconds

Easy 60 seconds

Hard 90 seconds

Easy 3 minutes

Repeat 2-3 times.


If you have certain goals to achieve such as weight loss, training for an event or just wanting to keep fit and active then get in touch. I can provide you with the correct structure and plans to help you succeed.

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