As a GP referral instructor in Nottingham i feel this is something that i do not advertise enough when really and truly it could be the single most important service that i offer. What is a GP referral instructor?. Essentially it is a health and fitness professional who is qualified to deal with referrals from your GP. The referrals themselves are commonly for health conditions that are potentially life threatening. Hypertension (high blood pressure) being one of these conditions. So as a GP referral instructor i am qualified to plan safe and effective means of exercise for clients. The exercises are specific to the clients condition and can really have life changing effects for the them.


In Nottingham i have worked with a large number of individuals who have been referred from their GP. We take into consideration the clients contraindications to exercise, what they can and can’t do. Medication that the client will be taking to help manage said condition. While keeping in mind the clients goals and what they are hoping to achieve. Taking clients through this process and to see them coming out of the other side a better and healthier person is a huge buzz for me. This is still a health and fitness journey and watching clients reach their end destination is like no other feeling. Especially when taking into consideration that this health condition could kill this person if nothing is done about it.


It is all about a lifestyle change not simple doing a bit of exercise each day. I want clients to change for the better and not just change while working with me but to change forever. Hopefully they can then pass this lifestyle on to others. If you or anyone you know has any of the following conditions why not get in touch. You could be saving someones else’s or even your own life. Or at the very least make life more manageable with an already life changing health condition.

Respiratory Conditions

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Musculoskeletal Conditions

Rheumatoid arthritis
Joint replacement
Simple mechanical back pain
Cardiovascular Conditions

Psychological/Mental Health Conditions

Metabolic/Immunological Conditions

Diabetes Type I and Type 2

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