I should imagine that most of us by now have read certain articles reporting on how meat is actually bad for us. Whether you choose to believe it or not is entirely up to you. However the scientific research behind this should put your doubts to rest. In-fact in 2015 the World Health Organisation declared processed meat to be a carcinogen. This means it can increase your risk of colon and rectum cancer by 18%. By processed meats we are talking about anything that has been preserved by smoking, curing or salting or with the addition of chemical preservatives. Meats such as salami, bacon, hot dogs and even chicken nuggets are all classed as processed meats. However science has proven that all meats are damaging to our health, including white meats

Personally I have been lowering my meat consumption over the past year and i have now eliminated it from my diet entirely. The reason i made this decision was because i could see how much meat i was consuming and i just couldn’t see how this was healthy. So i made my decision because of this and also because i have seen so many awful videos and articles on the conditions animals are kept in and how badly they are treated. I have always been a massive animal lover all my life so i just couldn’t justify supporting an industry that treats animals in such horrendous ways.


I’m not here to make anyone not eat meat as i know how much people love it. I can also hear lots of you saying but its natural for humans to eat meat. Well who said? If that were the case we would feel the urge to hunt, kill and eat meat raw as a true carnivore would. Not be repulsed by the sight of blood or turn away at the sounds of a screaming animal being slaughtered. Carnivores also have sharp claws and long canine teeth not short, soft fingernails and small, dull canine teeth like us humans. Also do you ever see a lion cooking the meat they are about to eat? Obviously not because they are built to consume raw meat, humans have to cook it or we become ill, is that the sign of a real carnivore?.


Perhaps if i state just a few of the potential health risks associated with meat consumption you may lower your intake just a little.


1. Significant increase in the risk of cancer

As stated in the opening of this blog as of 2015 The World Health Organisation declared that processed meats increase your risk of developing colon and rectum cancer by 18%. The image above is taking from the Cancer Research UK website. You can see that the risk of cancer is not exclusive to processed meats alone. Pork, beef and lamb are all in the group 2b category. Meaning they are a probable cause of cancer, worrying no?. Research also shows that vegetarians are 40% less likely to develop cancer compared to meat eaters.


2. Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

A long line of studies have linked high cholesterol to cardio vascular disease. Cardio vascular disease is Americas leading cause of death, killing nearly 2,200 people daily. Meat, dairy products and eggs all contain cholesterol and saturated fats. These components contribute towards some of the top killers such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and various forms of cancer.


3. Anyone for Cow, Pig or Chicken hormones?

Are you aware that the meat industry feed hormone pellets to animals? This is to make them grow at an unnatural rate, so they produce more meat, eggs or milk. This is also done so that less food and land resources are used. When eating meat you are not only consuming naturally occurring hormones within the meat. You are also consuming the synthetic hormones that are force fed to the animals as a direct result, yummy. Which all potentially have a damaging affect on human health.

There you have it, just three effects that meat consumption have on the human body. Believe me there are plenty more. I understand that eliminating meat from your diet is just not feasible for many of you. Why not cut down? Why not take part in #MeatFreeMondays. For just one day of the week, get rid of meat from your diet completely. There are plenty of amazing recipes you can try for yourself that are meat free and good for your health. Try these jerk-style cauliflower steaks

Lets face it life is short enough, why run the risk of making it shorter?


Image credits:

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