How i can help. My aim isn’t just to get you to hit your targets but to understand how you have hit them. After all this is a health and fitness journey. You cannot have a journey if you do not know how you got to your destination.

Together we will devise a program, setting short and long term goals. We will work together to ensure the program is achievable and sustainable by fitting in and around your lifestyle. I will provide you with workouts or exercises to complete on a weekly basis. Keeping regular contact to make sure we are both on track in achieving your goals, what ever they may be.

One thing I regularly say to people is the main reason my clients employ me is for the motivation and guidance I can give
them. You can have all the knowledge and good intent in the world but without the motivation and guidance to actually get stuff done then you have nothing. My job is to get the most out of you when you think that you cannot give anymore. I design programs with my clients to accommodate for a wide variety of health and fitness goals. From weight loss, sport specific training or just wanting to keep healthy and active. Together we can do it all.

As a GP referral instructor I also have the experience and knowledge to safely and effectively train people that may have specific life threatening health conditions. I have worked with many clients in the gym environment and also many in the comfort of their own homes who are suffering from certain health conditions. Together we have made their life considerable better and made changes that will last a lifetime. If you or someone you know may benefit from undertaking a program with me please get in touch, you could quite easily be saving their life.

Home Grown Fitness prides itself on am extremely high standard of mobile personal training. However we also offer the same high standard in mobile sports massage therapy. Absolutely anyone can benefit from sports massage in some way or another. You may have a long standing injury that will just not disappear. Perhaps you are training for a specific event and injury prevention is at the top of your list. You may have tightness or aches in certain areas of the body. Or quite simple you may just want a relaxing massage to help destress and relieve anxiety. Sports massage therapy can help with all of these things and so much more.

I have supplied sports massage therapy in Nottingham and other cities in England. Providing my services and expertise to a number of well known events such as The World Ultimate Strongman Championship and The Worlds Ultimate Strongest Team Championship. Giving me hands on experience with some of the best athletes in the world from the field of strongman. I regularly provide treatments to events local to me such as The University of Nottingham Triathlon and the Virtruvian Triathlon.

By now you should have made the decision to choose Home Grown Fitness for all of your health and fitness needs. You can however pick up lots more useful information regarding Home Grown Fitness on the various pages on this website. Any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch. You can do this via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Or directly on 07591951704, alternatively you can send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you.