Does this sound familiar to anyone? “I want to lose weight and tone up”. There are two things wrong with this, the first being, and a question that you have to ask yourself. ‘Do I want to lose weight or is it that I want to lose body fat ?’ 9 times out of 10 it is the latter. Most of us are not concerned about our weight it is our body fat that is the issue. The second thing that is wrong with the statement is believe it or not you are all already toned. Our muscles are in a constant state of tone, meaning they are holding slight tension and are ready for action. Yes it is true that regular strength training will intensify tone.

So revisiting the statement of “I want to lose weight and tone up” what is actually meant is “I want to decrease my body fat and have more muscular definition”. The good news is fat loss and muscular definition come hand in hand. You have to bear in mind that everyone has a layer of fat covering their body, for some people this is more prevalent than others. By decreasing this fat it will in turn reveal the muscular layer hiding underneath, giving your muscles more definition. This look is achievable via a safe and effective nutrition and exercise program, which is where Home Grown Fitness comes into play.


As mentioned on the Nutrition and Diet page 80% of this goal is what you put into your mouth with just 20% being exercise. They say 6 packs are made in the kitchen not in the gym and we couldn’t agree more. With a nutrition and exercise plan tailored specifically with your goals in mind I will have you beach ready in no time. Your exercise plan will contain all 5 elements detailed on the fitness-training page. Training you using different cardio vascular methods with strength and endurance work, keeping workouts fun, safe and effective. While consistently hitting targets and moving forward to our ultimate goal of achieving the new leaner, healthier version of yourself.

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